"There are many intense scenes in the show but one of the most compelling is Westbrook as Czolgosz, a bottle factory worker...Westbrook’s fury is frightening and real, and is then echoed in “The Gun Song” where Czolgosz chillingly sings about the lives a gun claims in the factories and mills, and the final life it will claim once it is used." Kendall Mostafavi, DCMetroTheatreArts (Assassins, NextStop Theatre 2017)


"There is a gentleness to the way Westbrook approaches Ollie, making him a peacekeeper, a tender shepherd of lyrics and song, as if what’s left of the world can be healed through music. Not to be discounted when things get heavy in a hurry, Westbrook is emotionally charged, just like the other six players in the bunker around him, and is the grounding force and factor of reality when it comes to the grim truths of the situation. And he’s one hell of a guitarist and singer too." Mandy Gunther, TheatreBloom (Noah:Apocalypse, LiveArtDC 2017)

"Westbrook's lilting voice charges the atmosphere, blending spoken word with musical narrative." Jenny Minich, Broadway World (Noah:Apocalypse, LiveArtDC 2017)


"The other cast members also deserve much praise. Daniel Westbrook’s performance as Laurence, a young father and an impoverished male escort, comes across as exceptionally arresting." Eliza Anna Falk, DCMetroTheatreArts (Shining City, Port City Playhouse 2015)


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