Height: 6’1”                  


Hair: Brown   


Eyes: Brown


Weight : 175 lbs


Voice Type: Baritone (Eb2 – A4, falsetto to E5)                              




Cherchez l'Amour                                Peter                                                      Short

2010 - present

2010 - present

B.A. in Theatre and Dance, James Madison University

Theatre West Virginia Performance Training Program (Dr. Pamela Chabora), 2011

Wayside Acting Internship (Warner Crocker), 2013


Acting : Kate Arecchi - Scene Study, Musical Theatre Performance; Dr. Pamela Chabora – Alba Emoting

Voice : John Rhodes – Classical, Scott Zane Smith – Musical Theatre, Joe Milliren – Estill Voice Training

Dance : Toneta Akers-Toler; Suzanne Miller-Corso - Jazz

Stage Combat : CT Dan Granke - SAFD Certified Unarmed (Recommended Pass) and Single Sword (Basic Pass), CT Jenny Male - SAFD Certified Quarterstaff (Recommended Pass), CT Casey Kaleba - SAFD Certified Rapier and Dagger (Recommended Pass)

Jacob D Guinn (CT), Sarah Hodges (AAC) – additional Unarmed and Knife training 

A Cappella : James Madison University’s Exit 245, DC’s KeyVibe, DC’s Impitched

Special Skills

Accents: Irish, Cockney                            Fluent Japanese                                              Patter (Rap Verse)

Skilled Sight Reader/Music Arranger          Carpentry Skills                                               Piano and Guitar

Vocal Percussion/Dubstep                        Competitive Karaoke                                         Juggling (Balls)       Whip - Circus Crack 

Alexander and Terrible, Horrible,          Father, Dr. Fields, Shoe Salesman            Adventure Theatre MTC

No Good, Very Bad Day

Assassins (Upcoming)                         Leon Czolgosz                                       NextStop Theatre

Noah: Apocalypse                               Ollie                                                       LiveArt DC


Wonderland                                         Red Queen U/s                                       Imagination Stage

Unto These Hills                                   Kanati                                                   Unto These Hills


Shining City                                         Laurence                                               Port City Playhouse


Boeing Boeing                                      Robert Lambert                                      Wayside Theatre


The Drawer Boy                                    Miles                                                    Port City Playhouse

Santa's Village                                     Performer                                              RWS and Associates


Disney’s Jungle Book Kids                    Shere Khan                                           Theatre West Virginia


All Shook Up                                        Ensemble                                             Theatre West Virginia


Rent                                                    Man 2: Waiter, Steve                              Theatrix Live




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